YES! The thrill is gone is now available on HOOB.NET and in your local store;))




20/2 -18…..The recording with Fabian Kallerdahl is done!! The music is on its way!!! Could be that you will have it in your hand in MAY!! We invited Emil Strandberg on trumpet and Josef Kallerdahl on electric bass… so really looking forward to play this live!!!

And my solo recording… well I have been writing boxes of sounds that is putt together by my and my producer Mariam Wallentine. I will add some voices from friends this spring. The sound is from memories and experience of time and space. Words of trust and silence. It has been in my mind for the last year and I intend to continue work on this music piece for 22 voices.

Stay well!!!!!!!!


7/8 -17…. Hope summer gave you some peace of mind.  I have been running with my dog and spending time with love once. Feeling blessed.  I will soon record an EP with  Fabian Kallerdahl on piano at HOOB records. And a Solo album, this will be recorded and produced by Mariam Wallentin. Looking forward to this!!!! Writing music and a book… Hop to see yu under the following  year!


5/4-17……..The Cleaner by Marina Abramovic!!! It was MAGIC!!!  It has been WOUNDERFUL to be a part of this!!





Soon winter… and time for change.

Stay cool, Lindha …. 


24/2 2016

Hello!! February is making its last breath and I am for real planing for my new LP that will be a deep jump into the American song book!!!!!

Stay tune for a taste of it…….

This new song was recorded at Umeå Jazzfestival 2015…



THANK YOU ALL for making 2015 to a great year! I have been playing with such great people! For the best audience. I BELIVE in MUSIC!! The power of art can still move us to our hearts!!

Stay cool!! See you out there!!!!


Something to remember!!! ;

This year’s Jazz Festival sheds light on the musicians that in different aspects use the voice as their primary tool for expression. Surely enough, there is a voice artist that we pay attention in particular this year. The Guest of Honor 2015 is the vocal artist, musician, improviser and composer Lindha Kallerdahl.

Lindha is an artist constantly searching for an honest expression, which in curiosity is being communicated with her musicians and listeners. She stands up for curiosity and boundary crossings with lots of courage in her artistic activities. As a vocal artist the interaction between lyrics and music is a given to Lindha – not a limitation, but a stepping stone to free associations and new conquests in direction towards yet another artful synthesis.

Lindha has been working as a professional musician since the middle of the 90’s. Immedeately after her college years, she was thrown into developing collaborations with icons from the artrock and free jazz scenes – such as Mats Gustafsson, Sonic Youth and Jim O’Rourk. The prestigeful award Jazz in Sweden 2001 led to new, revolving meetings with artists like William Parker, Barry Guy, Ikue Mori, Palle Danielsson and Jaap Blonk, to mention a few. On top of Lindha’s three solo albums she is found on recordings like Far from Alone (2001), Silent Arrow (2006), Gold Quintet (2015) and live-projects such as Friends of the Tiger and Huntress Bow (together with Mariam Wallentin).

Her original expression that is filled with emotions has made her requested in various contexts and opened the way to international recognition. Throughout the years, she has made artistic foot prints time after time, emphasizing her position as one of the European current jazz scene’s most important vocal artist and singer.

The Guest of Honour receives a glass sculpture from Glödheta http://www.umeajazzfestival.se


Last fall, Lindha Kallerdahl released “Gold Quintet Solo” on Hoob Records. She had gathered her favorite musicians from the improvisation scenes of Sweden and Denmark. Samuel Hällqvist and Thomas Gunillasson on guitars, Katrine Amsler on keyboards and micro-guitar and Fabian Kallerdahl on piano. Big landscapes of gui- tars, sounds, noise, melody and voice. The interplay between the musicians is central to Lindha. To gather around a sound, melody and atmosphere and together find a powerful overall direction.

Audience and press were delighted.

“Kallerdahl’s vinyl – one of the best this year“ / Dan Backman, SvD

“Lindha Kallerdahl pushes her voice to the utmost, not least in the solo parts, where every little angulation, every note and vocal effect are charged with sig- nificant opportunities” / Magnus Eriksson, Lira

“Lindha manages to fill her heavy, demanding music with hope and love without sacrificing an ounce of its urgent gravity” / Sasha Marko, Orkesterjournalen

“The musicians stitches together piano ballads and musical wonder with primal screams and anxiety vibrations to a natural entity, which, despite the possible intimidation I’m happily drawn to.” / Leif Carlsson, Tidningen Kulturen

“Kallerdahl’s equilibristic voice really opens up a new world of sound” /Tobias Magnusson, Göteborgs Fria

“From these pieces who joyfully bounce between sounds, reverberations and moods, an enormous creativity is shaped.” / Peter Bornemar, DIG

“…definitely the proper way to enjoy Lindha Kallerdahl’s work; it’s a process, where you spend time to really listen and experience the music. Then the experience is pro- found. ” / Niels Overgård, Jazznyt

“Her cover of Billy Strayhorn’s «Lush Life» charges this classic standard with nec- essary, amused and even ironic drama and highlights her telepathic interplay with pianist Fabian Kallerdahl.” / Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts



Lindha Kallerdahl Gold, Quintet and Solo

Svenska Dagbladet är mycket glada!

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